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Ways to celebrate, share and learn about Islam in a fun way for kids by Lunar Joy Box.



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3 story books to teach kids about Hajj

Now that it is the month of Al-Hajjah you may be inclined towards teaching or introducing your kid to the concept of Hajj. And why not? Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a must for every person who is an adult, is healthy and is financially capable to do it.   One of the ways of opening the doors to the concept of Hajj for children is through storybooks. Reading to kids has so many other advantages too and how wonderful it is that in addition to those perks, our kids can learn about an important Muslim aspect too. So, here are best storybooks to […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Reading Early to Your Child

All parents want to raise future superstars out of their kids, don’t they? But apart from all the fancy classes you’re thinking about signing them up for in the future to make them smart, there’s a thing you can do as soon as your child is born: READING. Reading is one of those things that are inexpensive and simple, yet really help with the development of your child. In this article, which might seem like a personal story about my son from time to time, you’ll see why reading to your child is important from the day your child is born. Also, I will give you a few tips and […]

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